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MB’s Day 24

February 24, 2011

I’m watching Coco Before Chanel right now…can I be French, please? So stylish. Today didn’t turn out quite as I had planned because it was so hot! I got all the way outside in my tights and leather boots and turned around and came back inside. I ended up wearing the Gianni Bini loafers, J. Crew Minnie pants, J. Crew striped tunic, and a maroon scarf. I felt very Audrey Hepburn and comfy all day, which was perfect for a board meeting and walking back and forth between two buildings a bunch. My camera is still acting funky, which I’m a little worried about, but I was able to get a decent shot this morning.


MB’s Day 23

February 23, 2011

Well, today was mildly more interesting than the last few days. I was happy when added the scarf this morning because it created a fun color combo I hadn’t even planned. My camera was acting funky at my house this morning, so I finished up my pictures at work. Yeah, it was still acting funky there, too. In exciting news, I already have my outfit for tomorrow planned! We have a board meeting so I have to be a little fancier than normal. See ya then!

MB’s Day 22

February 22, 2011

Ugh, today was a weird one, gang. I know I promised to be more original today, but I has one of tho days where you try everything on and nothing seems to fit right or go together. So, in the end I was in danger of being late to a staff meeting so I ended wearing the dress version of my outfit yesterday. I actually started the day off in this:

But switched to this by the end of the staff meeting.

I just wast feeling the long sweater with the dress today. I’m hoping tomorrow is more promising. Wearing Gianni Bini loafers, Old Navy chambray dress, Gilligan & O’Malley waffle drape sweater (earlier) and Merona black cardigan. Both scarves of the day were from Target.

I’m glad we are nearing the end of the month, mainly because these Gianni Bini loafers are LITERALLY falling apart. They were well-loved when the challenge started, but after so much constant wear they are on their last leg:( I love wearing shoes out because it means I love them so much, but it sucks to have to try and replace them. Also, I want to share one of the other blogs I read with you guys. Her name is Jen and she writes the blog I am always blown away by the things she puts together and how effortlessly stylish she always is as a busy mother to little Rowan. Today she posted her first video blog about how she puts an outfit together, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you do too!

Closet Tour from Jen Lula on Vimeo.

MB’s Day 20 and 21

February 21, 2011

Sooooo, yesterday I was riding in the car all day, BUT in a strange twist of fate (not really I totally planned it) I wore almost exactly the same thing today as I did yesterday. The only difference is I switched out some comfy black yoga pants for my J. Crew Minnie pants. It was a great recover-from-my-vacation day; I had wavy bedhead and kept my accessories simple. I added a little fancy with a lipstick I have been wearing a lot lately, but I wasn’t wearing it this morning when I took the pictures so all I have is this semi-creepy Photobooth shot I took at work today lol…

I PROMISE to be more creative tomorrow!

MB’s Days 18 and 19

February 20, 2011

I am SO sorry have neglected to post the past two days, but I am sure everyone can relate to time getting away from them when they aren’t in their comfort zone. I have been in Oklahoma the past few days and have not been putting an ounce of effort in my outfits except to wear challenge-approved pieces. I have had a fun weekend, but I will be happy to get back into my normal routine tomorrow!

MB’s Day 17

February 17, 2011

Today I went super casual and did the pant roll and wore minimal jewelry. I am sooooo excited because today is my Friday! Nate and I leave in mere moments for Oklahoma, which means I get to see Jen tonight! So exciting. Land’s End red suede shoes, J. Crew skinny cords, and AA chambray tunic (I promise it’s been washed since last time!). Not seen, chunky onyx ring and bright green scarf. It was another good outfit day today!

I was brave and tried a new pose today. This is the “Kendi Side View” lol. I haven’t quite perfected it yet!

MB’s Day 16

February 17, 2011

Today was a good day, partially because I really liked my outfit! It was also my friend and co-worker Joy’s birthday, so we all went to Panera for lunch and it was lovely. Today I mixed my J. Crew Minnie pants with my GAP buffalo check button up, Banana Republic grandpa cardigan, and Gianni Bini loafers.

My fancies were fun today. I wore one of my favorite belts, a skinny silver crackled leather number from J. Crew and it turned out a lot more understated than I was fearing. I also wore my spoon earrings, which I love but am never sure of how to wear. I am not totally sure about them with this outfit, and ended up taking them off in the middle of the day…oh well! Tomorrow is my last day of work before my trip to Oklahoma to see Jen and I am soooo excited! I hope all of my fellow bloggers have fun on their museum nerd trip!