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Hi!  My name is Mary Beth and I live in Waco, TX.  Let’s see, let’s see, what is there to tell!?!  My father is in the military, so in my younger years my family traveled a lot, but when I was 8 my father was stationed at Fort Hood in central Texas and that is where we have been ever since.  I LOVE Texas; it is the perfect place to satisfy all of my weird weather neuroses (no earthquakes, pretty much no hurricanes, no volcanoes, only flooding and tornadoes, which you can totally avoid if you are as anal as me! And it is always warm).  Doppler radar is my friend, people.

Since I was a senior in high school I knew I wanted to be a museum curator, and in 2006 I graduated from Baylor University with a double major in Museum Studies and History.  While I was at Baylor I worked part time at the Dr Pepper Museum and loved it so much that I just kind of wouldn’t leave, so they let me have a full time job.  Today I am the Collections Manager there, and I get to spend my days among the masses of things that bear the Dr Pepper (or any other soft drink you can think of) name.  I also helped put the Museum on the map as one of the pioneers in the use of social media in museums, and today you can totally check us out on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and a few others.

As for me, I have a ton of interests, some I indulge more than others.  I love coffee and make no apologies about going to Starbucks every morning for a latte and some face time with the awesome staff. On weekends I go to see my parents we walk the two miles to their Starbucks and back and have family bonding time, then go home and drink another pot!  I love music; Coheed and Cambria, Kings of Leon, and Death Cab for Cutie are my soundtracks.   In the more recent years of my life I have turned my love of clothes in general into a more focused love of fashion and have developed my personal style.  In July of 2009 I took the biggest risk yet and chopped all my hair off into a pixie cut and haven’t looked back!  For some reason it makes me more brave when I am choosing my outfits in the morning.  I love love love antiques and amazing vintage finds.  My house kind of looks like a 70-year-old lady lives there, but whatever:)  My focus is usually mid-century modern and vintage glass.  If I wasn’t running out of room in my house I wouldn’t have a focus, but I have had to hone in on the important things in recent years.  I have a collection of glass railroad insulators, which I have heard is weird for a girl (apparently it is usually a guy thing), I love anything Pyrex, old photographs with interesting people in them, enamelware, and my big weakness is FURNITURE.  I would have every pie safe out there if there were room in my house.

I am super inspired by all of the people in my sidebar links in many different ways, and collectively they are the reason I am starting this site and attempting to make the move into big girl blogging.  I have had a blog for forever, and if you would like to read the unbridled ramblings of my early 20s please feel free to visit Why Hello Mrs. Webster!

The story behind marbt is solely based in the reality that I am amongst the first generation of children with screen names, cell phones, and an online presence that is just as integral for their social development, if not more, than their interactions at school.  And I will have a brain tumor the shape of my iPhone when I am 30, *sigh*.  When I was 11 my parents got our first desktop computer and signed up for America Online, which was the only online at that time.  We are talking majah dial-up, too!  When you signed up for AOL you had to create a screen name, and your name was never available so you had to come up with some variation or combination of your first name + last name + year of birth or something like that.  The screen name I came up with after exhausting all other options was MarBT, and it has stuck with my in one form or another ever since.  It has become my online identity, and with the advent of Twitter, wherein you ARE your username, I have officially become marbt.

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  1. October 19, 2009 6:09 pm

    Big girl blogging… I love that. Keep it up and thanks for adding otherlovelythings to your page!

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