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An MB DIY Craftiness

March 10, 2011

Hello! Tonight I was feeling crafty and decided to make super cute magnets outof the vintage Orange Crush bottle caps I bought at the convention this weekend. I love love love the Orange Crush logo withe the little flowers, and sifted through the trays of bottle caps we were selling and picked out all the ones you see here. Here are the steps for making your own bottle cap magnets! (This isn’t rocket science, folks, mainly just an excuse for me to post cute artsy pictures…) 1: Get yourself some super cute bottle caps. If you aren’t lucky enough to work at the Dr Pepper Museum, you’ll have to hit up your local flea market or antique store.

2: Buy some magnets and some super glue. Most of the caps I have were much deeper than the normal bottle crown (although two of those are featured) and it ended up the three of the magnets stacked up were the perfect height.

3: Glue all the all the magnets together then glue the stack to the inside of the cap. I just used one drop in between each magnet because they obviously naturally stick together, but I didn’t want them coming apart when I took them off things. I covered the entire surface of the magnet with a thin layer of glue before I glued it to the inside of the cap.

4: Let them dry and start stickin’ them on stuff!

Super easy and fun. I won’t be able to keep them on the fridge because it has to constantly be clear in case people come to look at the house, but I think I’ll take them to work in the mean time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I spent my Wednesday night other than updating all my Apple stuff with iOS 4.3 and catching up on The Office. Happy nerdiness!

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